I started this blog just to share my workplace opinions and hope to help some people new or old in the industry

I have worked in IT, eCommerce, Corporate digital, a start ups for over 20 years now and have an abundance of experience from many sectors.

I have been lucky to work on some great projects, website and products for such companies as The Royal Collection (the Queens official ecommerce store), GSK Global, Shell, Paul Smith, Ben Sherman, Bacardi- Martini, Bridebook, , Clarksons, Visa, World Rally Championship, Simply Eloped, Klosters ski, England Rugby, English Football League, Welove2ski, Paperchase, Capezio and many more.

I also created my own Social media site around the music clubbing world (in ASP.net), created many WordPress sites and I created my own cross platform mobile phone app (we’ll a few, but only one good one), it’s called Famdam and it’s free for families to securely share childrens photos away from mainstream social media.

A data head at heart, grew up on Excel and its predecessors and don’t seem to be able to shake a love for Spreadsheets.  Now I use bigger tools too, including Mixpanel, Amplitude and dabbling in some machine learning too.

I am also a Product and UX expert and I use my love for data to help me find gold in that data and use that knowledge to create create products and features all the time experimenting to find the best or better digital experiences.

There’s of course more to my experience but there’s only approximately 960 waking minutes in a day, so if you’d like to know more please check out some blogs and then drop me an email on the address below

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  • Simple Funnel Flow ExperimentI run many experiments in my role and knowing how to read the data, and deciding what to do next is paramount to success. In this blog I'm looking at a simple funnel experiment for a user flow that's not converting as well as I would like and from digging…

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