Devils idle hands

Why did I create my own app

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It was April 2021 and the global pandemic had just about shut down every economy in the world. With my family home and no one working, I found that I had time on my hands and you know that they say

Dooth somme goode dedes, that the deuel, which is oure enemy, ne fynde yow nat vnocupied.
[Do some good deeds, so that the Devil, which is our enemy, won’t find you unoccupied.]

Chaucer’s Melibeus, circa 1405

So, to keep the devil from the door and to keep my mind occupied I decided to learn to code in Flutter (Dart). At first it was just for the experience, but I soon found that I could do it and I liked it. With the help of Udemy I took three courses in iOS, Flutter and Firebase. After creating three what I called crApps. I embarked on a bigger app idea. Could I create an app to save my son’s memories. A kind of journal of his life away from Social media. After many frustrating nights, I created Life Journal. It was a developer only app that I also put on my wifes phone. Soon enough other members of my family wanted access to the app, so challenge two, (or was it challenge seven) found it’s way on to my To do list. Make the app downloadable. At this stage I changed the name of the app to FamDam, a play on the words Damn Family.

I managed to create a version for my family members who had iPhones and I got it into the Apple App store. As well as many feature changes to allow for better use for family members, and then another challenge came to my To do list.

Some of my family had Android phones! So off I went to learn how to get my app into the Google Play store, It wasn’t too hard, but beware, many resources out there are out of date and become out of date very quickly as the Google platform changes quickly.

So now I have an iPhone App, an Android App and about 20 of my family getting secure safe updates of my sons Covid and beyond life. Due to the App and my previous stance, my son’s face has never been on FaceTwitagram social media sites. If nothing more comes out of my covid app building efforts, then I feel I have protected his image until such a time that he is old enough to decide himself if he would like to be on the next social media site to be popular with teenagers. One prediction I make is that whichever site it is, it will be a site that has yet to be built.

FamDam is now usable by any family and from my data I do have a few families using it, It was fun, but the idea has limitations, so for now, it will be my fun safe place to document and share (securely) my sons adventures.


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